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Upcoming Event: Sustainability Skill-Share

The lovely Low Technology Institute in Cooksville, WI is hosting a sustainability- and permaculture-focused weekend of workshops, socializing, and plant-based fun this June! I’m honored to be part of the skillshare, and will be offering the following workshops:

Backyard Permaculture
Learn how to integrate small scale changes to your home and garden to make a more sustainable landscape without breaking the bank. Bring along photos or a diagram of your property, and go home with your own designs for a sustainable yard!
Sat. 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

This will be a quick-and-dirty introduction to permaculture, with emphasis on applying ecological principals to your extant space. We will discuss plant guilds, succession planting, microclimates, and how to make the most with a small urban or suburban plot.

Creating Sacred Space
In our busy and hectic lives, we often do not take time to care for ourselves or our spiritual health. In this course, we will discuss ways in which one can integrate spiritual practices, ethical living, and sacred spaces into daily life. Central to this is creating time and space to give thanks to our home and the land that sustains us — by working to improve the landscape, we also heal ourselves.
Sat. 3:00–5:00 p.m.

In this course we will discuss not only what “sacred space” means for each of us, but how to take time to find, maintain, or create these sacred spaces in our home and work environments. We may discuss social and spiritual justice issues, such as the intersection of race and land-ownership in North America. This workshop is open to folks of all walks of life, and encourages the creation healing and sacred spaces for those from vulnerable communities.

Check out LTI’s page on the skillshare, and learn about the other workshops being offered by low-tech and permaculture teachers from around the region!

And follow the Events page to see other upcoming workshops and festivals.

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