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The Hedgerow has a small line of ready-made herbal products, including dry herbs, bath blends, and an herbal salve. Please inquire if you would like a current inventory or to make a purchase. You can now find my products at Food is Fuel or Basics Co-Operative.

I also provide private herbal consultation. My herbalism is not allied to one particular tradition or teacher, but is informed by Traditional Western Herbalism, American folk medicine, clinical trials, and contemporary writings.

I do not use essential oils or “detox” treatments. I try to use whole-plants when possible, or simple extracts such as tea or tincture. The Hedgerow believes strongly in food as medicine, and some recommendations may include changes to one’s eating habits in addition to herbal treatment. I do not emphasize weight loss or any specific eating plan, instead focusing on adding whole, natural, and wild foods to your daily routine.

I encourage clients to adopt suggested plants into their gardens if possible, and we can work together to integrate landscape and lifestyle. Some recommendations may address the social and emotional sources of stress through self care and relationship building.

Please Note: While I am familiar with many herbs and their actions in the body, I am not a medical authority and make no claims to treat or cure to any disease. I will happily refer clients to a trusted doctor or therapist, and I will never tell clients to ignore or neglect traditional medical treatment or prescriptions. 

Any herbal practitioner who rejects all medications or Western medical practices should be held suspect and not trusted with one’s health. 

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